I Used a Salt Lamp and Here’s What Happened…

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So I recently heard of this crazy phenomenon going on right now with Himalayan Salt Lamps. It’s like everybody is talking about them and I’m seeing them all over my social media accounts. I am literally seeing them everywhere.

So I had to know, are these things for real?

I had to find out. So here’s my opinion on the matter.

First off, these orange/pink lamps are used for a variety of claimed health benefits, but they are also an amazing home decor piece.

According to some scientific support, there are many benefits to using such lamps.

This includes everything from making you feel better to reducing the EMF radiation commonly produced by modern home electronics.

They go as far as claim that they help asthma, allergies and even airborne particulates.

Clearly, there has to be some validity to this if everybody is going nuts about them.

Now, I know what you must be thinking This is some complete hippy-dippy B.S..

Sure, that’s what I thought too, until I had my own experience with them.

I mean, thousands of customers couldn’t be wrong, could they?

And if you don’t feel like I can discuss the “hippy-dippy” things, I live near Boulder, Colorado.

You can’t imagine the amount of woo-woo-haha new age stuff I see in nearly all the stores.

It’s absurd, but some of it certainly works. In case you’re wondering, I did just coin that term (woo-woo-haha).

In case you haven’t been to Boulder: its filled with crystal shops, alternative new-age healing rituals, apothecaries, and some strange strange people. Friendly, but strange.

A shop in Boulder, CO

After moving near Boulder, I realized there is a whole market for products that really have some pretty high claims.

But for the price, it can’t be that bad so I figured I would give it a shot.

If you are eager to get one and test it, I’ve bought mine from Ripe Thought:


So what is this Himalayan Salt Lamp anyway?

Obviously, before I can begin to discuss what happened, I need to explain what these things are.

Contrary to popular wisdom, the salt is actually not sea salt, but it is salt mined deep in a mine near the Himalayas called the Khewra Salt mines.

It’s located a the northeast corner of Pakistan and is the primary source of all the Himalayan rock salt. This is actually pure crystalline rock salt.

The basic idea behind this rock salt is that it purifies, and refreshes your air, but also acts as a great home decor item.

The warm glow emitted from these lamps is very calming and beautiful. And it’s even a bit romantic. My husband doesn’t seem to mind ;).

Rated 4.85 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5
17% Off!

Are these things even safe?

In case this is referring to the recall in early 2017, one of these products was recalled. The company that produced them mentioned that the dimmer switch would overheat and ignite and cause a fire.

This is why it’s important to buy a lamp from a reputable seller, such as Ripe Thought.

The dimmer switches sold on this site are all UL listed and are the modernized version that won’t catch fire.

If safety is a big issue for you, make sure it doesn’t get wet and always make sure you check it daily as a good maintenance practice.

Check for moisture build up, corrosion or tears of the cord near the bulb. Never used a damaged electrical item. These items are electrical, so use it like any other electric item.

Always inspect your lamp, follow good handling procedures and make sure you replace them every 6-12 months as they can absorb a ton of water. This is explained in the article about Hygroscopy found here.

Also each lamp is 100% natural and unique so make sure you read the descriptions because some lamps are of lower quality.

Where do I buy them?

The lamps I recommend and chose to purchase are found right here on this website. Yes, I’m a Ripe Thought customer too. And I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase.

The lamps are sourced from a responsible manufacturer and have high quality salt, bulbs, bases and cords. Of course, there are other brands available, this one has been vetted and quality assured.

Rated 4.85 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5
17% Off!

Ok…So What are the Benefits?

So there is a ton of hype around this and I’ll do my best to explain how I see the benefits. This is based on what I’ve gathered around the web. I did the hard work for you :).

Basically, salt lamps release something called negative ions.

These negative ions bind with the positive ions floating around in the air. Most of the positive ions are dust and allergens and things like that. Because of the charges, the negative ions and positive ions collide, dropping the airborne particulates.

In another article found here, the author mentions the concept of Hygroscopy. I’m not going to go too far into it because it’s sciency and stuff. But anyway, it’s the idea that the salt lamp attracts moisture.

This is why it sometimes sweats too. In this moisture is trapped dust particles. This is another way it cleans the air.

And of course, you get a ton of other benefits that are mentioned everywhere on this website. Here’s a short summary:

  • May Improve Mood, Concentration, & Help Manage Anxiety
  • May help Reduces Allergy & Asthma Symptoms
  • May Eases Coughing
  • May Increases Energy Levels
  • May Neutralizes Electromagnetic Radiation
  • May help with Better Sleep
  • May Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • May Reduce Static Electricity in the Air

You’re probably wondering why all of the above has the word May in front of it. Well, it’s mostly because I don’t want to make any promises, but more so because science has yet to catch up to these amazing lamps.

At the time I was super skeptical about all these claims.

Ok. It’s a lamp, I get it. But now this lamp has health properties? Come on!

But after I kept reading I started to read people’s reviews about the lamps and I found some amazing things. All the claims I was reading about were some of the results real customers experienced.

It’s crazy, but true. All it took was some poking around the reviews to really see how these ordinary lamps were changing people’s lives.

Fine. I’ll be open minded. I mean really, what do I have to lose, it’s just a lamp!

When I finally received the lamps, they arrived in perfect condition. I got 3 large lamps for my house.

I picked one up and it was rather heavy. The weight on the website is true to the actual weight I received. It’s literally pure rock salt.

After opening the box I took the lamp out of the packaging and brushed off any excess salt.

I set it on the table and turned it on. Honestly, I was pretty shocked at how it glowed. It was really pretty.

The colors on it were a hue of orange and pink. it has these beautiful stripes on it that just make it look raw, rugged and natural. Truly a piece of art in its own right.

Oh and the best part is that it came with the dimmer switch. The switch let me make the lamp nice and dim so i can actually sleep with it just glowing.

Days 1-3

After having it on for the first days, I was always awed at how pretty it looked. I noticed, too, that it got warm to the touch.

I guess that’s how you know it’s working. I’ve noticed so far that I’m falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. I really haven’t felt this rested for a while.

Usually, my head is stuffy, and I have trouble breathing when I wake up. For the first couple nights, I actually felt pretty darn good.

No stuffy nose, just feeling good all around.

My husband has a tough time sleeping too and suffers from allergies to dust.

I asked him to let me know if he notices anything too.

Rated 4.85 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5
17% Off!

Days 4

Ok so as I’m writing this, I just wanted to quickly mention something. I just had some friends leave my house and when they were here they kept telling me how fresh my house smells.

They kept mentioning that my house just smells fresh. Kinda like when you are in a forest or on top of a mountain. Like pure fresh air. I got so excited about this. Nobody ever really told me that my house smells fresh.

I mean, I haven’t really been feeling different, so that kinda sucked, but at least I knew my house smelled fresh. Plus, like I said before, I really like how the lamp glows. It is a nice ambience. Again, my husband doesn’t mind :P.

Days 5-7

Ok so I’ve been reading that the lamp needs to stay on all the time. One of the things I was doing was turning mine on and off. I only turn mine off when I am leaving my house, otherwise it’s on when I’m home.

I certainly noticed a fresher smell in my house too, but still I didn’t feel much different. Like I said, I am sleeping a bit better, but who knows.

Maybe I was using it wrong, but I doubt it.

I searched about how to use the lamp, and I was using it just fine.

Sometimes the benefits come in a week, sometimes longer. It just depends on the size of your space and the amount of lamps you purchased. There is apparently a recommended amount of salt per square foot.

The recommendation is 2lbs for every 10 square feet. The bigger the room, the more salt lamps you need in each room.

Days 8-10

So the later parts of my test I still don’t feel much different. The glow is nice, the lamp is pretty, but my body doesn’t feel too different. My husband did, however, mention that his headaches were decreased. I think it’s because we are both sleeping better with the lamps in our room.

We bought a couple more for our house to increase the effect. They arrived, again, in perfect condition and quickly too. So far, they are all really nice. We now have 3 in our downstairs area and 3 in our bedroom.

They really warm up the room when they are on. But, my quest was to figure out what, if anything, would happen when I bought my very own salt lamp.

So What Happened…?

Honestly, I’m convinced they clean the air, but I don’t know about the other health claims. They certainly make me feel better. But who knows, I would like to give it more time to see if anything does indeed change. I am staying optimistic.

At the very least, they can’t hurt to have around the house.

Despite the claims not being validated, I am convinced something is happening because more people have commented on my house smelling fresh. Trust me, it didn’t smell fresh before.

This may not be the case for everybody, but I’m sure other people experience even greater effects.

So what’s the verdict? What’s my final conclusion?

Well, I would recommend them to a friend becuase they really just make a cool gift. Plus, I love the fact that I am sharing a piece of the Himalayas with somebody. It’s just cool to have a crystal like this in the house. Really unique.

Would I buy more? I would say yes. They are pretty cool and I really am enjoying having them around everywhere. If anything, they brighten my mood up significantly because of their warm glow. They also make a great night light. I’m completely happy with them.

My final conclusion about them from an effect standpoint is that it’s just inconclusive. I want more data to come out. But hey, it may work for some people. In fact, if you look at some of the reviews, it’s pretty remarkable what people say about the lamps.  And there are even studies in Russia of people using Halotherapy with some serious results. I’m talking like huge health achievements. Really, having these things around would not hurt, but you need to find out for yourself to really know.

Want to see if it will work for you, I’ve bought mine from Ripe Thought, get yours by clicking the button below and test it:


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Ripe Thought or any Ripe Thought brands. Examples of benefits within this article are only examples portrayed by our reviews and by our customers. They should not be utilized in real-world medical, or health applications. Always consult your physician prior to ceasing or starting any therapy. Knowledge and information is based only on very limited and dated open source information provided by anecdotal evidence. Assumptions made within the content are not reflective of the position of Ripe Thought.

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  • 2.3K
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89 thoughts on “I Used a Salt Lamp and Here’s What Happened…

  1. Barbara Russo says:

    My lamp was a gift, and after 2 months, it stopped working. I can’t imagine that the bulb burned out already. I pretty much had it on continuously, but there were times when I shut it off.

      • Kimmy says:

        We have had 2 lamps in our bedroom for approximately 3 years and the bulbs have not burned out. We love them and never turn them off!

        • Bee Raw Naturally says:

          My bulb worked 24/7 for 4 years. I hope my new bulb lasts just as long. I love the lamp! I don’t know if it’s really doing all it claims but it makes me feel good period. Why because I simply like it!

        • Sonja says:

          I also have had mine in my bedroom for three years and the light has only been turned off when I moved into my apartment. The dimmer switch has never heated up. I love mine, I do wipe it off every day

    • Garrick says:

      I’m not trolling you.
      You had itnon almost continuously for two months and you are questioning whether that small bulb burned out?
      It burned out.
      Replace it and keep enjoying the lamp.

  2. Sandra says:

    Question. You said you need to get a new lamp every 6-12 months that’s expensive and if you don’t what will happen

    • Chris Wangard
      Chris Wangard says:

      What typically happens is that they start to lose their efficiency. Salt, like any other natural product, wears down because it’s hygroscopic. It’s not expensive, when you factor in some coupons ;).

    • Lulu says:

      My lamp doesn’t sweat nor does it generate moisture. Does that mean it’s fake as earlier stated in your ads?

      • Chris Wangard
        Chris Wangard says:

        No, this is based on the humidity in your area. Sweating is a hygroscopic quality. Salt attracts moisture.

        • Julie says:

          I have had mine since 2012 and have only ever replaced the bulbs, none he 3 I have sweat or have lost any salt. I leave them in one area, only have them off when the bulb burns out. And when that happens I notice not only in the atmosphere but how I feel. It’s nothing I can pin point, but I feel it before I see it. Planning to purchase several more when our remodeling is done. Wouldn’t be without them.

  3. Debra Miller says:

    I got mine only after a friend of mine got one and said she woke in the morning and didnt have a stuffy nose.
    Well I am on Oxygen and wake every morning with a stuffy nose and at least once a week with a nose bleed.
    So I bought it. Did I really think it would work…no!
    But I got mine home and set it up in my bedroom. I woke the next morning and my nose was NOT stopped up. Its been three weeks..no stuffy nose and I have not had a nose bleed either. Coincidence? Maybe…But what if?
    Now Ive not seen data on it so if anyone else can tell me..I would love to hear from others about the following- I have Fibromyalgia. Especially very painful all over from the nite until morning. I have had more good nights, with less pain in the morning. Ive had 7 mornings in the last 3 weeks that I was able to jump rit out of bed.
    Thanks for letting me post. Debi

  4. Lilia F says:

    Malarkey. I have one and I am a scientist.
    I say placebo! But if you feel great about it
    Then it is working for you. Keep it up.
    Remember the the metal bracelets that heal

    • Chris Wangard
      Chris Wangard says:

      Who knows. It’s really a factor that there needs to be more conclusive research about this topic. Either way I have them all over my house. They do emit an awesome glow!

    • Pamela says:

      Gee, did you take Himilayan Salt Lamps 101?😌
      Let me tell you something I believe….the fact that after 69 years of trying everything..weekly allergy shots, steroid and saline nasal sprays, prednisone, inhalers, decongestants (I am allergic to antihistamines….a cruel joke God played on me…lol), mite proofing everything, cleaning house and laundering bed linens with fragrance free detergent until my hands bleed, humidifiers, Vaporub, Tiger Balm, Singular and two surgeries, among many other things, I bought one for my bedroom because I thought it was pretty. Mind you, I have always had to sleep up on 3 pillows so as not to wake up every half hour choking on phlegm, should have bought stock in Kleenex with all that I use, woke up every morning with a very stuffed nose and sore throat, could never bend over without a long stream of something pouring out of my nose, and averaged 12 sinus infections per year. The very first night I had that lamp on in my room….as I sat reading, I had forgotten it was on because I had my bedside lamp on, and all of a sudden I felt this strange sensation.
      The inside of my nose felt like something was opening it up bigger inside. I thought maybe I was going to sneeze or something, so I grabbed a Kleenex…they are next to everywhere I sit in the house…I didn’t. ….I waited, I felt my lungs relax and my breathing get easier..
      I was puzzled…happily puzzled…then I looked at the Lamp. I thought, “After all the crap I have been through in my life, could it have always been this simple?” That was six months ago. I have not had a sinus infection, I rarely use a Kleenex, I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to clear my throat, blow my nose, cough or hack up crud, the nurse in the Allergist office yells at me because I am late for my shots because I don’t have my usual sneezing fits when it’s time for me to get them, my nose doesn’t run like a sieve every time I bend over, I don’t wake up all stuffed up with a sore throat and THAT Mr. Scientist, is the biggest amazing fact I have ever had the joy of learning! So, until you have had to live through the agony of 69 years of horrendous sinus problems and stumbled upon something soooo very wonderful…..don’t mock it!!!!
      I went out and bought another one for where I sit in my livingroom and have not had to buy a new Kleenex box for the table next to my favorite chair.

      • Lisa Brawner says:

        That’s awesome. I have one, got it about 6 months ago. It helps my and my husbands allergies tremendously. I also love the warm glow, I’m definitely a fan.

      • Roberta Surette says:

        Hello that is the most wonderful story I have ever read I have some sinus problems but nothing serious like yours and I have allergies and I own three Himalayan salt lamps and I swear by them they are phenomenal take care.
        🌞 😊😃

      • Becky says:

        You have just described my life. Not sinus surgery, shots, nor cases of large boxes of tissues ever helps. I never feel as if I can breathe and constant discharge with a raw and body nose. I’m looking forward to trying these lamps. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • SHEILA says:

        I am thrilled for you! I felt a similar sensation and could smell the healthy salt in the air and my lungs! I feel real healthy and relaxed around them and I work in an unhealthy work space, so these salt lamps make me feel good! I recently went away on vacation and caught a horrible cold- and I was noticing I wasn’t catching colds like other people! The only thing I have to say, my daughter was so happy about my enjoying the first set of lamps, she bought me 2 larger lamps, and thinking more is better I thought I should really be smelling/feeling the effects more. I prefer my smaller lamps it turns out b/c I can’t really smell the large ones! Anyone have an idea as to why? I really do believe in their healing properties and highly recommend them.

      • Julie says:

        Pamela, I happen to agree with u. Some things can’t be explained. I suffer from depression & migraines. Also every night my sinuses stuff up. Before I got my lamp I had stock in Sudefed, nose spray & Kleenex. I rarely use any of this anymore. And as I stated b4, my health notices that the bulb burned out on my light b4 I notice its out. I can’t explain the bennifets but I know they work. Would never be without my Salt Lamp. If it works, u don’t need scientific proof. It’s not a placebo, it’s just AMAZING

      • Randy says:

        I have had some of the same problems. I too like you figured what the heck, give it a try. I did and also like you it has helped tremendously. I bought mine drone Ripe Thought about 3 months ago and haven’t had to replace the bulb yet. I getting ready to order 2 more. Again I will get them from Ripe Thought.

      • Jackie Hill says:

        That is AWESOME !!! I have chronic problems with phlem chocking me after sleeping and eating. My nose runs water constantly. I gotta try this lamp !!!!🤓

      • Anne says:

        Same here! I have terrible allergies, and got a new little kitten in December after having bronchitis that started on late October. The cough lasted until I got my lamp for a gift from my daughter-in-law and son in April. It’s amazing! I rarely cough now. I wouldn’t have believed it otherwise.

    • Linda Hudson says:

      By the way, copper bracelets do work for arthritis. Hospital linens now have copper in them because the copper has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. We have been using salt lamps for years.

  5. Debby says:

    Have one and love the amber glow mine gives off.its relaxing,calming,and peaceful to me.not sure about all the things said,but I like to keep open mind,and sometimes I’m surprised. Meanwhile, it’s decorative and I do like unusual and authentic decor. 😉

  6. Wendy says:

    My daughter has had one for years. I bought one and I love the glow👍 For sure I never want to turn it off. In fact I will be buying more. They do leave some stuff behind that is easy to clean off. But I have marble table tops not wood, but it is in the instructions.. so read them. I love this light, my daughter has one so I got ont one because my husband was not sleeping. Don’t replace a lamp for being with God, He made it for us. He gives us everything.

    • Ginny B says:

      Glad to hear that you are giving the glory to God, Who CREATED the salt. Man just discovered and found it useful!

    • Sherry says:

      I have 2 lamps now… started with 1, almost 10 years ago …. then added another when it fell & broke..,,,& no problems ..,,,just breathing better & folks here in the Nursing home say my room is the best smelling one here.
      Am thinking of getting 1 more soon !!! I love them ! & keep them on all the time !!!

  7. Marla Donaldson says:

    I have 3. You don’t turn them off. It affects the salt stone/stones. Wipe gently if you turn off. I read abt a healing hospital built down in one of the salt mines. A very healing hospital! Simply amazing.

    • sam overson
      sam overson says:

      Hi Marla, Yes you are right. Salt rocks are the Gift from Nature. They absolutely have healing Charectaristics. Thank you for your words:)

      • Kay says:

        I got one as a gift. I put it in my bedroom and it was on 24/7. I didn’t notice anything different with my sinuses for 2 years and I have horrible allergies. I have had the surgery, the shots the meds you name it I have done it. I to suffered with migraines, nosebleeds, itchy eyes and nose. For my last birthday again I got one as a gift. I put it a few feet apart from my original one. A few days after I turned it on I noticed I wasn’t waking up with a sore throat, stuffy nose or bloody nose. I haven’t had to use my nose spray for 3 months. In past years a bottle of nose spray would only last me 3 weeks. I have had the same one for 3 months now. I dont have to take my allergy meds and have not had a migraine for 3 months I averaged 5 to 6 a month. I too have fibromyalgia and have not noticed anything different from that. But I am so grateful to have these and would never give them up. I don’t agree with the scientist I believe there is something to these lamps. I suggest if you don’t notice a difference with one lamp go and get another one because I honestly believe that these salt lamps have helped me so much and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Happy shopping to all ❤

    • sam overson
      sam overson says:

      Hi Dawn, thank you for sharing your concern. As far as this Salt is good for every living but an excess of it could be harmful. We suggest you to place the lamps somewhere out of your cat access.

      • Barb says:

        Hahaha… you obviously do not have a cat! 😹😹😹. But seriously, l don’t think a cat would be interested in eating it… but it might enjoy the constant warmth though.

      • Courtnee Sexton says:

        There is no such thing as a lamp out of access to a cat LOL. However, I have two cats and 4 Himalayan salt lamps and it’s never been a problem. Both cats and salt lamps are good for the soul ❤️

    • Rosie says:

      Dawn, I’ve had my salt lamps since 2013. They haven’t hurt my kitties. I do catch them licking a lamp every now and then, but has not hurt them.

  8. Mike Lefferts says:

    I have one in the living room, bedroom and bathroom (s). To me it’s a huge benefit. My house smells better. I have horrible allergies and the symptoms are greatly reduced.

    When I really noticed the difference is when the bulb burnt on on the first one and the smell of my dogs hit me when I came into the house. The bathrooms both no longer have the “smell”.
    My bedroom no longer has the work clothes smell from the hamper. I sleep better too, sometimes to good.
    This winter I had a hip replacement and used medical cannabis. It was so cold outside I decided to use it in the house. The “odor” goes away in about an hour.

    I highly recommend them to my customers at the retailer I work at. I’m thinking of replacing the lights on my fireplace mantle with it.

    • Norma says:

      Is there a difference in efficacy between the solid lamp and the ones that come in a basket and have large chunks of the Himalayan rock salt? Anothet thing; I have two of these baskets in my bedroom but I keep the room pretty cold with air conditioning. Does that matter?Thanks in advance for any opinion and/or advice.

  9. Cindy Hogue says:

    Have 3 one is like salt chunks another is a candle holder and the other is just a solid 1. I don’t see a difference but they are a great light especially a night light

  10. Roberta J. Surette says:

    I have received three Himalayan salt lamps , one for the living room , two for the bedroom,I am noticing a big difference in the overall outcome of my environment and me.

  11. Shirley clinard says:

    I now have four in my house, one in each bedroom my allergies are gone, my husband hardly uses his oxygen any more I bought my daughter two placed one on the end table,where she spends most of her time as she is fighting breast cancer treatments, I’m. A bealever in these salt lamps,

  12. Tilda Butts says:

    I don’t have one at this time but have been wanting to get one or more so after reading all the review’s I will probably buy 4 or 5 AND even get my sister a few we both have really bad allergies so thanks for the information

    • Carrole Phillips says:

      Will buy as soon as budget allows … I have wanted one for years … will now get two as I have a small place … and maybe more …
      Good reading all the comments .

  13. Jackie says:

    So I don’t know about the science of it but every since I got this lamp no one in my family has been sick!!! And we always get sick in the winter. Also I clean all the time and I have 3 dogs I also give my dogs a bath often but my house always has a dog smell I always buy plugins since I purchase theses lamps I haven’t needed them. I love them there in every room!!!

  14. Allene Quina says:

    I have never believed in so called wonder items that improve — until I bought a salt lamp. After about three weeks I bought two more. One each in my living room, den and my bedroom. I am 79 and am sleeping better, feeling better and have not had a cold or cough since I bought the lamps. I am a believer. Of course they may not work for everyone.

  15. Loretta Harvey says:

    I love my lamp!!! I leave it on 24/7 I touch the cord daily just to make sure it’s not warm and it never is. It does help with my breathing and the rooms are so fresh. It’s no smell it’s just clean air. I will not be with out my 4 Glow Babies simply because they REALLY WORK and they are great conversation starters… What’s that orange thing?? Wow that’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen!!! Where did you get that?? As soon as they touch them they are hooked.. an immediate attraction!! They are feline friendly my cat has never so much as looked at it unless she does it while I’m not at home.. Get your Himalayan Lamps today you won’t regret it!!!

  16. L Ganske says:

    I was just remarking to family that my husband and I have avoided sinus colds this year. Or at least we weren’t down and out for very long. I have 3 lamps, they are in our bedroom, office, and living room. Maybe they are playing a part.

  17. Tammy says:

    I have 6 salt lamps in my 2 bedroom apartment. Overkill? I don’t think so. I’ve been activity using salt lamps for 4 years now… I’m too the point I’ve got them in the bathrooms. My gram has Alzheimer’s and I have one in her room – it helps her sleep, she wakes up feeling more rested and has said in the last 10 months she’s not had the congestion or the nose bleeds.

    I get migraines, have bad allergies, aches and pains and insomnia. Since having salt lamps in my room my allergies are practically gone, my migraines which were daily and would last weeks… Are rare and only last a couple of days. My sleeping is way better and my joints aren’t nearly as sore.

    And I have to cats… You wouldn’t know it. I firmly believe in my salt lamps. I will keep them around, replace them as needed. Keep giving them to family and friends. Never stop using them. And trust me I can tell when I’m not in my room or out of town.. it’s to the point I’ve started taking a salt lamp on vacation with me.

  18. Donna Spangler says:

    I’m not claiming this is the reason but wouldn’t know what else changed. I used to have serious Asthma with rescue inhalers and medicine for allergies. I no longer have allergy problems nor do I have Asthma. No more medicine the only thing that changed was the salt lamp oh hard to forget I’m no longer on anti depressants. Now if it would cure high blood pressure and cholesterol I would be set.

  19. Jo Njcholson says:

    I’ve had mine for over 2 years. For decades I used to have 3-4 major sinus infections a year and chronic sinusitis when I wasn’t infected . I’ve only had 1 infection since and that was shortly after I got the1st lamp. I haven’t had a single infection in 2 years. I’ve added more lamps since I got the first as a gift I have a small one in my bedroom I think I need to upgrade to a larger one so I can experience the sleep benefit as well.

  20. Flo Schoelman says:

    I have had two for about two years, I have two small dogs, we all here in the house keep lamps all of the time, with the past two flu seasons none of us have not even had a bad cold, my Granddaughter has not had am asthma attack in two years,, I have been happy with the lamps and have told friends to get one, mine glow all of the time for two years, nothing has been replaced so far. Love my lamps.

  21. Sandy Powers says:

    When I was in Juneau, Ak. visiting my son & family, I went to the Juneau Salt Cave for an hour sitting in a room entirely encased in salt. Beautiful lighting & soft music., doing nothing but relaxing with my daughter in law. Felt encredibily good when I left. Bought 2 lamps while there( one for each of us). They rent out the room for business meetings, bible studies. A lot of college kids use it during exam week to take away stress or after a night of partying. Love my lamp! Wish you could see the slabs of walls, ceilings all light up! The floor was deep with grind up salt like the beach! They have a gorgeous massage room! Was fortunate to be able to go there. They did say they’re are lot of fake lamps being sold. Also the deeper the salt is mined, the better their properties. Everyone should have one!

  22. Norma Moresco says:

    After reading all the favorable comments -I’m so excited to buy a few lamps for myself family and friends
    Sleeping is a problem – will coment as soon as I try them


    Good article. Have some already. Love the ambience n fresh air. TY for more info. I may just buy moor n your lites n cords. Namaste’

  24. Nancy Mckee says:

    I read about these last year, and I have not purchased one yet, but I’d love to. I’m raising grandchildren and money is very tight, however, it is my hope that I can get one (to start off ) soon…. Thanks for all the info and comments !

  25. Lisa says:

    After reading all these testimonies. I better start using my lamps.. I bought them for my kids and have one in my living room and family room as well as on my desk at work.. but … duh… I haven’t been turning them on.
    U think it’s time to pay attention to me.

  26. Audrey Neal says:

    I have end stage COPD/emphysema and diagnosed in 2002 with being terminal due to my lung disease! However, being the youngest case ever studied @ the early age of 27, I have beaten all odds set against me thus far! I will be 45 years old this year and I am so blessed to have been spared all these extra years that I am so thankful for! Therefore, if I could expand my life expectancy even further by trying out this product, it could yet become another miraculous gift to me! So I am going to purchase one and perhaps help out others as well if this truly works for me! I am looking forward to getting mine!

    • Pat says:

      Please keep everyone posted on your progress!! My husband End Stage COPD as well. Salt does have healing properties ie Saline Solution Nasal sprays, various gargle preparations, I would love to see you get improvement with these lamps. Thank you in advance for your updates! Thx again and good luck!!!!!!

  27. Connie oconnor says:

    I have the one with separated rocks are they as good because I too have a lot of form and chocking .I wonder. If the whole one would be better .

  28. Linda kubilus says:

    I have been using my salt lamp just a few weeks. I find that I am sleeping much better. I do not usually sleep as well. I’d like to buy another to fill the room even more

  29. Sandy says:

    I have 4 Of these it is pretty and give a great ambiance but that’s all it does for me. I run them 24/7 but still have allergies, issues sleeping, no difference at all. I personally think it’s a placebo effect but hey if you think it helps great! At least it’s not a medicine and not harmful.

  30. Christie clark says:

    I have 3 of them, one in the living room and the other two are in bedrooms. The living room one does not have a dimmer switch, but the other two do. I’ve never had to change a bulb in the master bedroom, but I did with the other ones, I don’t know why. Mine don’t sweat and I haven’t had to clean them up. I just like the soft glow it gives and makes a great night light. As far as helping my allergies, I still have problems with them, but it might be because when I’m outside I’m allergic to some trees, cedar, pollen, dust etc. but I do love my salt lamps. I got them somewhere else, but I am happy with them.

  31. Deborah Mintz says:

    I’ve had my lamp for six years when my son and I went to a gorgeous spy hotel in Orlando and he bought me one , it’s in my bedroom and I have it on all the time , and I touch it and Of course I tasted the salt , I already New about negative ions and the lamp is wonderful, I personally would tell anyone to get the lamp, plus we use Himalayan salt on all of our meals , it’s hard to find though Walmart has the true salt . So I say it’s a win win all the way, scientifically negative ions are what you want, they come naturally from waves breaking on the shore , in the forests after a nice rain and this lamp is like your in all those places getting your negative ions, sincerely, Deborah

  32. Elaine says:

    I have two small dogs who are elderly and not always continent. And although I have my carpets professionally cleaned at least three times a year, the dog odor would still hit me the second I walked in the house from work.
    I have suffered from severe migraines for the last 50 years that are only relieved by Relpax, an eletriptan medication that is outrageously expensive.
    About 5 years ago I bought two Himalayan salt lamps; one for the family room, and one for the guest bedroom because they are warm and glow like the coals of a campground fire as it dies for the night. I liked the ambience they created and I tended to fall asleep faster in the family room when near the lamp than in my own bedroom.
    After a week or so I noticed the absence of dog odor when I came home, and I suddenly realized I hadn’t had a serious migraine for at least a week.
    I was grateful but still didn’t connect those two facts with the use of the lamps.
    After six months I realized the migraines were considerably less than usual, and if I did get one, it came on at the office and not at home. I simply attributed it to my age and less stress.
    Then last year the bulb burned out on one lamp and the dimmer switch went bad on the other lamp. I set them in the garage until my husband could repair them.
    Within a week the doggie smell was back, I had a series of migraines that woke me in the night, and I came down with a serious sinus infection.
    At Thanksgiving my asthmatic daughter visited and had to use her inhaler several times.
    Just before Christmas she informed me that she and her significant other were bringing his parents home to meet my husband and I for Christmas and that they suffered from severe allergies. I panicked, cleaned my house within an inch of it’s life, and asked my husband to fix the salt lamps.
    The doggie smell didn’t go away with the cleaning nor did the migraines, in fact they became more frequent, but after a week of the lamps being on again, the house smelled better, and I noticed I was waking more refreshed and without a morning headache.
    Also, another interesting phenomen happened. Usually after a thunderstorm many of the electrical appliances had to be unplugged, the plugs blown on with a puff of air, wiped clean, and then replugged for the appliance to work again . I was told this was due to the ions that gathered on the plugs. Since the lamps have been on, not one plug has failed during or after a thunderstorm.
    Christmas came and went with no asthma attacks, no sinus infections nor allergy attacks. I never told my company about the benefits I had discovered with the lamps, but they had a great time in our home.

  33. Cynthia says:

    I worked at a cigar bar in Boca Raton and they had a small piece of salt with a candle in it. When I inquired about it the owner said the man that owned the salt mine that was in Poland gave it to him. When he came in he was pointed out and I spoke to him about it we had a conversation and he asked a lot of questions. I told him how much I liked which I thought at the time was just a candle holder. He said he would bring me one next time he was in town. He told me I had to go outside to go get the lamp he didn’t want to bring it in he handed me this huge box. I said I just asked for a little piece of salt and he said no this is yours don’t open in here take it home you’re going to need this in the future. That was in 1995! I brought it home it had a video of the salt mine and I was blown away by how cool it was. I called and left a message to thank him. Of course I quit the job I never seen the man or spoke to him again I still have his salt lamp it’s a numbered piece. I’ve had to replace the cord over the years probably four times. 2 years ago a friend bought me one for Christmas. It is much smaller and it does not sweat. I believe it was bought from a local department store. I’ve moved 2 North Florida and I’ll have to say my allergies went nuts. I never had allergies before here. I do see the difference in the lamps. The big one burnt out and I need to replace the cord again and I have only the small one plugged in and I just don’t feel the benefits. I never turned mine off. I replace the cord when the bulb starts to burn out too quickly. The large one sweats and i have to put it on a glads dish. Wipe with a damp cloth for cleaning. Once a month. It seems to atract dust and dander. Its always been a great conversation piece and people seems to be drawn to it when they enter the house. Only one person teased me about it and called it the devil rock. They werent a very good person and i think it bothered them cuz because of there energy. One thing the man said to me was there are positive and negative in electric currents in a home and just because the word positive is attached to it doesn’t mean it’s a positive thing and that the lamp would help balance out that energy. All I know is the guy seem to know what he was talking about and he owned the salt mine in Poland . Sorry for such a long comment.

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